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Legal Representation for Group Practices

At our Austin, Texas law firm, Rivas Goldstein LLP, we represent physician group practices in a wide range of regulatory, licensing and compliance matters. Our lawyers have extensive experience in health care law, advocating for a number of medical providers and businesses in south Texas.

Our lawyers provide a wide range of legal services to physician group practices, including representation on matters such as these:

Our law firm often serves as general counsel to medical group practices, providing clients with the opportunity to obtain ongoing advice and representation on a wide range of matters arising from the operation of physician groups. Clients pay a monthly retainer that allows them to consult with one of our lawyers at any time.

Rivas Goldstein LLP was founded in 2003. Both attorneys Rivas and Goldstein have previous experience at another firm offering similar legal services. In addition, John Rivas worked at the Texas Attorney General’s office in the Elder Law and Public Health Division and Nicole Goldstein worked in commercial litigation in New York City. These experiences give our lawyers an unusual ability to represent physician groups. We know business law, we understand what the Attorney General’s office needs, and we have been advocating for physician groups for more than a decade.

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