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Representing Ambulance Companies

Our attorney s at Rivas Goldstein LLP defend private ambulance companies before federal, state and local regulatory agencies in matters related to misconduct and fraud. We have significant experience working with ambulance businesses and their personnel and have obtained many favorable outcomes for clients. We also assist ambulance companies with obtaining and renewing their licenses and certifications. In these and in all matters, our lawyers help clients navigate the regulatory maze and continue to provide services.

Ambulance companies and many of their employees must be certified, licensed or approved by many different agencies, including these:

  • Texas Medicaid Program
  • Department of State Health Services, Emergency Medical Services Division
  • Health and Human Services Commission
  • Texas Board of Health

Our Austin law firm represents clients before such agencies in all matters related to certification and licensing applications. We also defend clients against criminal charges, representing them in local, state and federal courts. We represent clients in matters such as healthcare fraud and over-billing, reimbursement disputes, and any other issue that could lead to suspension of certification or licensure or a criminal conviction. We handle Medicare and Medicaid appeals and follow regulatory agency appeals processes to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for our clients.

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