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Protecting the Rights of Physicians

As a physician, medical specialist or surgeon, you need hospital privileges to provide services to your patients. If your standards of care or your professional credentials are the subject of a peer review investigation, you may be unsure of your rights.

You should know that you have the right to legal representation in peer review matters. However, hospital bylaws often limit the amount of time you have to respond. That means it is essential to act quickly by turning to a law firm with extensive experience handling peer review matters.

The Austin health care attorneys at Rivas Goldstein LLP have protected the rights of physicians, specialists and surgeons in peer review hearings for decades. We understand the seriousness of these matters, and we work hard to protect our clients’ livelihoods and good names. As a firm, we offer skilled advocacy before the Texas Medical Board and peer review committees with authority to suspend your physician’s license or privileges and hand down other discipline.

A Team Approach to Peer Review Issues

Rivas Goldstein LLP has the resources necessary to investigate and prepare your case. We regularly enlist independent medical experts to assist in building cases for our clients. Our goal is to preserve our clients’ hospital privileges so they can continue to practice medicine. Similarly, we work to prevent the issuance of a negative report to the national practitioner’s data bank, as those reports can have a very negative impact on the career of any medical professional.

Some peer review proceedings are initiated after legitimate concerns are raised about a physician’s practice. However, peer reviews can also be used to harm a doctor’s practice, career and reputation. It is essential that you be proactive in seeking legal advice to prevent an unfair result.

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