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Austin Nursing Home State And Regulatory Issues Lawyers


Nursing homes and other care facilities are under increased scrutiny as more and more people require the services they provide. At Rivas Goldstein, LLP, located in Austin, Texas, we represent administrators in all types of federal and state regulatory and administrative matters. Our attorneys have been working in this field for many years and understand the rules and applicable laws to nursing homes and their employees.

Assisting Nursing Homes With Many Types Of Legal Problems

Our lawyers act as general counsel to nursing homes, advising them on a wide range of issues and helping them avoid problems that could lead to license terminations or other limits on the ability to operate. We also act for nursing homes on specific matters related to licensing and reimbursement, including these:

Our firm also helps clients handle operational matters related to employment contracts and other employment issues, reporting, finance and compliance. We work with administrators to minimize the chances of a nursing home dispute with a patient, a patient’s family or a regulatory agency.

Legal disputes involving nursing homes divert badly needed resources to the effort to resolve the dispute. Our lawyers are sensitive to clients who require cost-effective representation that protects the client’s bottom line and minimizes the disruption and legal fee expense of hearings. We take every effort to represent our clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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