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Protecting Health Care Entities From False Claims Allegations

The False Claims Act (FCA) is a federal law that makes it a crime to knowingly present or file a false claim for health care services that are funded in any part by the U.S. government, such as Medicaid or Medicare. The FCA carries severe penalties, including criminal charges, that can destroy a health care business. If your Texas health care business faces accusations of false claims, please contact the Austin office of Rivas Goldstein, LLP, as soon as possible.

At Rivas Goldstein, LLP, our attorneys use their decades of combined health care law experience to protect the rights of health care entities and individual practitioners across Texas. Since 2003, we have helped many businesses that faced False Claims allegations clear their names and set up processes to avoid future accusations. Because of the time-sensitive nature of these cases, we recommend contacting our lawyers as soon as possible. You can talk to a false claims defense attorney now by calling 800-761-5190.

Overcoming The Challenges Of A False Claims Investigation

When investigating a false claim, the investigation may involve the FBI, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit or Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPIC) such as SafeGuard Services. These investigators will often lead a comprehensive audit of the accused business to determine if fraud was committed. These investigations can also lead to seized documents and records, which can impair the day-to-day operations of a health care company. If a health care company is found guilty of false claims, it can face penalties of $10,000 for each false claim and three times the actual damage suffered by the federal government.

The FCA outlines several violations, including:

At Rivas Goldstein, LLP, our attorneys will be by your side through every step of the false claims investigation and criminal proceedings. We will handle all communications with the investigators and limit the inquiry’s scope to only the relevant documents. If investigators seize critical documents, our attorneys will do everything in their power to help you reclaim the records necessary to continue operations. If the false claims investigation comes to the wrong conclusions, we can help you appeal the audit and defend your rights.

Trusted Help For Knowledgeable False Claims Attorneys

Our attorneys are ready to help you protect your business and finances. Please call our Austin office at 800-761-5190 or send us an email to schedule your first meeting. We help health care businesses across Texas.