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Texas BON warns nurses of scam that could put their license at risk

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON), the regulatory body that oversees nursing conduct, recently warned local nurses to watch out for a new scam. The BON explains that scammers are reaching out to registered nurses in the state and claiming the nurse’s National Provider Identify (NPI) number was used for nefarious activity, such as filling illegal prescriptions. The scammer will tell the nurse to send cash or wire transfer to an account to keep the investigation off the books.

How can I avoid becoming the victim of this type of scam?

The BON used the release to remind nurses that it will not ask for funds sent through wire or bank transfer. Any such request is a red flag that the contact is a scam. When the BON does reach out, the correspondence will include the name and contact for the investigator. Be wary of any notification that does not include this information.

What can put my nursing license at risk?

Part of the reason the scam is so convincing is because use of the NPI for filling illegal prescriptions would trigger an investigation. The BON will also investigate complaints of substance abuse, impairment while on duty, illegal procurement or distribution of controlled substances, professional misconduct, violation of patient privacy, or instances of inadequate patient care.

Allegations of such a violation can have serious legal and professional consequences.

What if the Texas BON begins an investigation?

Adherence to professional standards is non-negotiable, and the Texas BON serves as a guardian of these standards, ensuring the safety and well-being of patients. It is a good idea for nurses in Texas to stay informed about their responsibilities and the regulations set by the BON to avoid any actions that could harm their career.

An investigation is often just the start. Depending on the results of the investigation, the BON could move forward with disciplinary action potentially including a suspension or even revocation of your professional license. It is important to take the investigation seriously and build a defense to the allegations to protect your license.

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