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Nurses: Be Careful What You Say at an Informal Settlement Conference

An Informal Settlement Conference (ISC) consists of a presentation of the allegations and evidence in the investigation against the nurse to members of the Board of Nursing. The nurse and/or his or her attorneys then present their rebuttal. After information is exchanged, the board then issues their recommendation. The nurse and/or his or her attorneys may accept the proposal, submit a revised proposal, or escalate to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH).

McAllen Problem Persists?

The reason for the so called "McAllen Problem" is that McAllen, on average, spends about $15,000 on healthcare for every patient enrolled in Medicare, which is almost double the national average of $8,300. This was researched by Harvard doctor Atul Gawande for a 2009 New Yorker article. His research found that critically-ill elderly patients in McAllen received 50% more specialist visits than in El Paso, a town with similar demographics, but 800 miles away. It was also found that doctors in McAllen ordered 20% more abdominal ultrasounds, 30% more bone density studies and 550% more urine-flow studies to look for prostate problems. The primary cause of McAllen's extreme costs were the alleged across-the-board overuse of medicine.

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