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Physicians take note: Fingerprinting now a must for Texas license renewal

Physicians in Texas, take note: the Texas Medical Board (TMB) has updated its requirements for medical license renewal. As part of an ongoing effort to ensure patient safety and maintain high standards within the medical community, the TMB now mandates that all physicians submit fingerprints for a background check as a condition of license renewal. This new requirement reflects a commitment to comprehensive background screening, aiming to protect public welfare.

The change is part of a recently passed law, moved forward by lawmakers during the 2023 session and applies to most license renewals in 2024.

How do I fulfill the fingerprinting requirement?

All physicians renewing their medical license must generally comply, regardless of how long they’ve been practicing. The TMB encourages physicians submit fingerprints well in advance of their license expiration date to avoid processing delays.

To fulfill this new requirement, physicians must follow a specific process. The TMB has outlined clear steps to ensure compliance:

  • Schedule an appointment: Physicians must schedule a fingerprinting session with an approved vendor.
  • Complete the process: Attend the session and have your fingerprints electronically submitted to the TMB and the FBI.

The TMB’s fingerprinting process is straightforward but requires attention to detail and timely action to ensure uninterrupted licensure.

When is the deadline?

Physicians are wise to approach this new requirement proactively, scheduling their fingerprinting appointment early to better ensure compliance and a smooth license renewal experience. The TMB expects all physicians to complete this requirement prior to renewing their medical license. Although compliance is not required immediately, physicians can choose to move forward with the process before their renewal date. This can be advantageous as the fingerprinting process can take weeks to complete.

For physicians preparing to renew their medical licenses, understanding and actioning these new requirements are essential. A failure to do so can hinder the ability to renew your medical license, potentially having a negative impact on your ability to practice in the state.

Attorney John Rivas is responsible for this communication.