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Pandemic-driven ramping up of the Texas medical licensing process

When coronavirus breached the borders of the United States, countless doctors stepped up, with many working around the clock to help treat those suffering from COVID-19. However, the number of available medical professionals needed significant increases to keep up with the countless patients suffering the effects of coronavirus.

Instead of traveling to the doctor’s office and waiting for an unknown amount of time to see an already overworked physician, telemedicine techniques provide patients more time with their doctors, with some appointments lasting one hour.

A much-needed solution

In 2021, legislative leaders throughout Texas joined 36 other states, the District of Columbia, and the Territory of Guam in a compact to speed up the licensing process for out-of-state physicians to help fill telemedicine positions. Essentially, the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact reduces the regulatory red tape that comes with securing a medical license.

Currently, licensed Texas doctors providing ongoing support exceeds 1,300.

Proactive steps towards licensing once lasted 26 days. Post-compact sees the process lasting ten days or sooner. Authorities make it clear that the standard of care in Texas remains. What happens in other states to maintain a license and a practice is up to leaders in those areas of the country.

Additional steps

Physicians are also mandated to choose a State of Principle Licensure (SPL) in their home state where they are licensed to practice medicine and meet one of several requirements that include:

  • The physician’s primary residence is part of the SPL
  • At least one-quarter of the physician’s practice of medicine occurs in the SPL
  • The physician practices medicine by a person, business, or organization located in the SPL
  • The SPL exists in the home state of residence for federal tax purposes
  • No history of disciplinary actions, investigations, or criminal records that could affect medical licenses

The top states participating are Colorado, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, and Washington, with medical professionals specializing in family, internal, emergency medicine, psychiatry, and neurology.

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