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2 important questions after state accuses TX doctor of tampering with IV bags

Texas authorities are pursuing criminal charges against an anesthesiologist out of Dallas. The state has accused the physician of causing harm by injecting medications into patient IV bags. The state claims this led to the death of one and injuries to others. Alleged victims include:

  • Co-worker. A 55-year-old female co-worker took one of the IV bags home to treat herself for dehydration. She suffered from a medical emergency and died.
  • 18-year-old patient. A young man suffered cardiac arrest after use of a saline bag found to have epinephrine, bupicavaine, and lidocaine.

These two cases led the facility to conduct further review, resulting in the finding of 10 cardiac emergencies during “otherwise unremarkable surgeries” that are now tied to allegations that this physician tainted the IV bags.

What evidence does the state have against the anesthesiologist?

The state claims that the physician was acting out after he received disciplinary action relating to a failure to follow the accepted standard of care during a medical emergency. They also claim to have video evidence of him entering the storage area with single IV bags shortly before at least one of the incidents. These, along with a statement the facility was trying to “crucify” him, appear to be the state’s primary pieces of evidence.

How does this impact his medical license?

These allegations led the Texas Medical Board to find the physician was a threat to the public welfare. As such, they issued an order of temporary suspension.

This is important to note because it shows how allegations of wrongdoing can lead to more than just a need to build a defense against criminal charges, but also a fight for one’s medical license. A suspension or revocation of one’s medical license makes it virtually impossible to continue in one’s chosen profession. Do not take these allegations lightly. Use the system to help fight the medical board to keep your license.

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