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When can the Texas Board of Nursing revoke a license?

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) is an authoritative body that has the power to revoke a nursing license. If they exercise this power, that nurse would no longer be able to practice in the state. Generally, this group will investigate first to determine if there is enough evidence to support penalties. Depending on the severity of the allegations, this could include revocation of the accused’s nursing license.

In a recent example, the Texas BON’s Eligibility and Disciplinary Committee was notified of a nurse with a surgery center who allegedly lacked the fitness to practice nursing due to impaired behavior. The group states to have evidence the nurse was swerving and had an unsteady gait as well as slurred speech and forgetfulness while at work. She also allegedly told her director that she “needed help to stop drinking.” She allegedly submitted to a breath alcohol content (BAC) test and had a BAC of 0.125% and 0.124%.

The BON states it provided the nurse with notification of the allegations and the time of the meeting. She failed to show up and defend herself against the allegations. The charges were filed with the board in June of 2020, the meeting took place in September. Based on the evidence provided, the board chose to move forward with disciplinary action. After reviewing and discussing the allegations, they revoked the nurse’s license. She is no longer able to practice in her chosen profession.

There is still another option — she and others who find themselves in similar situations may be able to appeal the BON’s decision.