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What is the role of the Texas Medical Board?

The Texas Medical Board is a group of physicians and other members of the community that is responsible for the oversight of medical professionals within the state. They license a variety of professionals including physicians, technologists, and assistants. According to recent estimates, the board is responsible for licensing over 160,000 professional licenses — over 90,000 of which are physicians.

In addition to licensing, this group also helps guide:

  • Education. The Texas Medical Board also helps to ensure medical professionals are up to date with their education. This can include ensuring physicians complete their continued medical education (CME) requirements.
  • Oversight. As noted above, this group is responsible for the oversight of medical professionals in the state of Texas. It conducts investigations after it receives complaints and, depending on the information found during the investigation, may move forward with penalties against the medical professional. This can include requiring additional education, suspension or even the revocation of the physician or other medical professional’s professional license.

The Texas Medical Board is composed of 19 board members. 10 of these members are physicians, the rest are not. These members are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the legislature.

How long does the process take?

The timeframe can vary. Although notice is generally required, there are cases when the board can request an emergency suspension that results in the need for the physician or medical professional to immediately cease in the practice of their profession. This would result in almost immediate action. In other cases the process can take nine months to a year, sometimes longer.

It is important to note that there is a specific process the board must follow. They cannot simply take away a physician’s license without giving that professional the opportunity to defend themselves.