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Can anyone start a drug company?

Walgreens, Walmart Pharmacy, CVS and Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company – one of these things is not like the other. Billionaire and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban recently unveiled his latest venture, an enterprise within the healthcare industry. The move leaves many wondering: can anyone start a drug company?

The business mogul’s goals appear noble, transparent pricing to keep meds readily available to the everyday man, but the announcement may give consumers pause. After all, this guy is known for fierce negotiations in the shark tank but what does he know about medications?

Thankfully, regulations are in place that help to better ensure these types of ventures are beneficial not just for the entrepreneur and investors, but for the health care marketplace and potential consumers alike. The feds are known to play hardball when it comes to administration of these regulations. Concerns of a violation will likely trigger an investigation and these investigations can result in various penalties depending on the findings. As a result, those who operate within this marketplace are steeply incentivized to do so within the bounds of the law.

As such, numerous opportunities abound within this marketplace. Those who are interested in spreading their wings within the healthcare marketplace, whether with an endeavor into pharmaceuticals and drug companies as was the example here, diagnostic labs or other options, entrepreneurs are wise to do so after carefully reviewing and accounting for all applicable regulations to mitigate the risk of a violation and amplify the potential for success.