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Nursing home administrators: Be on the watch for this new scheme

A new COVID-19 related testing scheme is the latest in a series of attempts to defraud nursing home residents. Nursing home administrators are wise to be aware of this latest scheme to help better ensure the safety of their residents.

Details of this scheme

Nursing home administrators reported the scheme at a Texas nursing home, where residents say a woman posing as a nurse stole from them while administering COVID-19 testing. Nursing home administrators had brought in a private company to conduct testing. The company sent in professionals to complete the testing and were gone before the end of the workday.

Later that evening, an employee of the company returned, stating she was a nurse and needed a few more samples. She entered the room of some residents and requested a urine sample. Residents reported that when they came out of the bathroom the alleged nurse was missing and their rooms appeared to be searched. One officially reported missing pieces of heirloom jewelry.

The facility has contacted enforcement officers and the matter is under investigation.

Tips for nursing home administrators

Those who are looking to hire private companies to conduct COVID-19 testing or otherwise have private companies coming into their facilities are wise to question anyone who returns at a later time without their group. Ask for identification and take other steps to help better ensure the safety of residents.

A failure to follow proper protocol can result in more than just issues for your residents, it could also trigger a federal investigation.