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Cardiologist sues hospital officials for wrongful termination

The physician received his medical training at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and the Texas Heart Institute at Baylor St Luke’s Medical Center in Houston. Hospital officials hired the specialist in 2018 to fill a variety of cardiology needs within their facility. Some of the services he was trained to provide include transradial coronary interventions, peripheral arterial interventions, structural heart disease and critical cardiac care.

Why did hospital officials fire the physician?

Hospital officials claim they fired the physician for talking about firearms in the workplace. However, the doctor counters that hospital officials failed to provide additional information about the reason for the termination when requested.

The cardiologist also claims that hospital officials failed to conduct a formal investigation to support the termination. Instead, the doctor states that the termination was the result of an official complaint he filed against other professionals within his unit. He states that he reached out to his superiors to voice concern over the level of care that was provided to patients and argues that this was the true reason hospital officials decided to remove him from his position within the hospital. As a result, he has filed a wrongful termination suit.

What is the benefit of the lawsuit?

If successful, the physician could receive reinstatement to his prior position as well as compensation for lost wages. Others who find themselves questioning whether or not hospital officials or other superiors had just cause to terminate their position may be able to pursue similar legal remedies.