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What happens when the feds accuse a doctor of criminal activity?

A federal investigation can result in criminal charges, but what does this mean? The implications of these charges can vary, depending on the details of the alleged crime. But, when the allegations involve a medical professional, the impact extends beyond dealing with the court system. The accused will also need to deal with their local medical licensing board.

A recent case provides an example. The case involves a Texas physician who faces allegations of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. According to the prosecution, an investigation resulted in evidence to show the doctor would prescribe controlled substances without completing a proper medical examination. In some cases, the government state there is no record the physician conducted an examination at all before prescribing the medications in question.

What happens next?

A failure to take the allegations seriously and act promptly can result in criminal penalties such as fines and potential imprisonment as well as the loss of his medical license. First, the physician will need to address the criminal charges. It is wise to seek legal counsel to tailor a defense strategy to the situation to help better ensure his rights are protected throughout the process.

Next, he will likely need to address the Texas Medical Board. It is likely the physician will also face penalties from the board, which could include a suspension or even revocation of his medical license. The physician can fight back and potentially regain his ability to practice medicine in the state. If he, or anyone in a similar situation, takes action, they can save their license and continue to serve patients in the profession of choice.