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TMB threatens TX doc with reprimand for COVID-19 claims

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) recently issued a statement calling out a local physician for allegedly making false claims about the potential benefits of certain treatments for COVID-19. The TMB reminded the doctor and those within the medical profession at large that it has the authority to reprimand medical professionals who provide “false, misleading, or deceptive” medical claims.

Any treatment conversation with a patient, continued the TMB, must include a discussion of potential side effects. The TMB also reminded physicians they must get informed consent before moving forward with treatment, even for COVID-19 patients.

What were the claims that led to the TMB’s statement?

The TMB’s statement was in response to comments allegedly made by Dr. Stella Immanuel. According to the group, the physician made statements that could be interpreted as claiming hydroxychloroquine would serve as a cure for COVID-19.

What types of reprimands could the TMB pursue in these types of cases?

The TMB is the governing agency in charge of medical licenses throughout the state. As such, they have broad authority when it comes to reprimanding physicians who are in violation of applicable regulations. In these types of cases, the group would likely review the physician’s claims to see if they were false or misleading. If the TMB could substantiate the claim, it could suspend or potentially revoke the physician’s medical license in the state of Texas. This could effectively end the doctor’s medical career.

It is important to take such allegations seriously. Medical professionals who find themselves accused of violating such regulations and under investigation by the TMB have options. Legal counsel can represent your interests and better ensure a favorable outcome.