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Important lesson from recent arrest of NY doctor

New York state authorities recently attempted to move forward with criminal drug charges against a neurologist out of Brooklyn. The doctor states officers falsely placed him under arrest and wrongly sent him to prison for a week. Although the prosecution could not gather enough evidence to support criminal charges, Dr. Itay Keshet states the experience destroyed his career.

Details of the event that resulted in a week at Rikers Island

According to the physician, the case began when a mail delivery person gave him a package. Once he had possession of the package, officers emerged, entered his apartment and placed him under arrest.

After his arrest, authorities sent the doctor to Rikers Island. He states that while looking for a corrections officer while at Rikers Island to discuss the case, officers accused him of attempting to escape. He states that the officers confronted him, sprayed him with pepper spray and zip-tied his arms behind his back before putting him in a shower stall. The officers then allegedly locked him in the stall and turned on burning hot water, leaving him with first degree burns.

A week later, officials took the doctor to court. Ultimately, the state released the physician from custody because the officers could not find evidence to support the allegations. As a result, the state dropped the charges for criminal possession of a controlled substance. He is now suing the state for mistreatment.

Lesson for others fighting for their medical license

The medical license is often governed by a state board. Allegations of wrongdoing, such as the actions by the police discussed above, can result in prompt and severe consequences from the board. In these types of instances, the board can suspend the physician’s license. If a physician accused of such actions cannot defend their innocence, the board could revoke the physician’s medical license.

As a result, those who find themselves in similar situations are wise to act promptly to protect their interests.