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New York doctor sued by former office manager

Running a private practice is not easy. The physicians that take on this role generally manage their business in addition to practicing medicine. This is a difficult balance that can include dealing with business planning and administrative needs while ensuring proper record keeping on top of providing quality medical care to patients.

When dealing with business interests, physicians who run their private practice must also navigate social situations with their administrative staff and others who work in their practice. A recent case provides an example of how a failure to keep the relationship professional can lead to serious problems.

The case involves a New York orthopedic surgeon who became involved in a romantic relationship with his office manager. Accusations of wrongdoing began after the relationship ended badly. The physician claimed the office manager was fraudulently taking money from the practice, the office manager claimed the physician was treating her poorly within the workplace, alleging discrimination and harassment.

At this time, it appears the physician may have a case. Local authorities recently arrested the office manager. The Manhattan district attorney’s office has charged her with second degree grand larceny. The prosecution states it has evidence the office manager used the office’s accounts to write herself a $12,000 check. Additional evidence was allegedly also presented that establish the office manager embezzled over $100,000 from the practice. The office manager counters that the physician authorized all the transactions at issue.  

This example is just one of many of the legal issues’ physicians may need to face when owning their own practice. Whether dealing with licensing issues, allegations of health care fraud, partnership issues or other legal matters, an attorney experienced in the unique needs present within medical practices can review the issue and provide guidance to better ensure a more favorable outcome.