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Texas Medical Board suspends 7 physicians in October

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) has the power to decide who can and who cannot practice medicine in the state. The group regulates the practice of medicine by reviewing complaints and, in some cases, suspending the medical license of the accused. Unfortunately, such actions are not uncommon. The TMB suspended 31 physicians in 2018.

The agency appears on track to suspend just as many, if not more, physicians in 2019. In October of 2019 alone, the TMB suspended 7 physicians. The suspended include:

  • Austin physicians. The Board suspended two physicians from the Austin area for their alleged involvement in the “cancer screening” genetic test cases, discussed earlier in a post available here. The Board also suspended the medical license of a third physician out of Austin. This suspension was based on claims the physician was engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with patients and that the physician inappropriately prescribed controlled substances.
  • Frisco physician. The Board warranted this suspension on the allegation this physician was unable to practice with “reasonable skill and safety” due to a mental illness or physical condition.
  • Houston physician. The TMB determined three physicians from the Houston area were unlawfully distributing and dispensing controlled substances. The Board stated at least one was engaged in a “pill-mill-type” operation.

In most cases, the TMB suspended these medical professionals without notice. The suspension then stood until further action was taken by the physician or the Board. This action could include a hearing.

Physicians that find themselves facing such hearings have options. They can seek legal counsel to help build their defense and better ensure their rights are protected. As such, it is wise to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in medical licensing issues.