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Texas Medical Board suspends two doctors’ licenses

The Texas Medical Board is scheduled to again meet here in Austin at the end of next month. The board will again discuss its budget and policies and then consider complaints filed against doctors, as it did in its most recent session.

Earlier this month, the board’s disciplinary panel issued suspensions against two doctors. Both of them apparently struggle with substance abuse issues, according to statements outlining the board’s actions in the cases.

The board temporarily suspended the medical license of a Temple doctor after it determined that the physician’s “practice of medicine poses a continuing threat to public welfare.” The threat to patients revolves around the physician’s apparent substance abuse, the board said.

The doctor has “potentially participated in patient care while under the influence of controlled substances,” the board said.

A suspension hearing will be held at which the doctor and attorney may refute or acknowledge the allegations.

The Texas Medical Board took similar action against a Lufkin physician, who was also determined to be “a threat to public welfare.” In this case, the allegations against the doctor are more vague. The board says he “suffers from an impairment due to illness, drunkenness, excessive use of drugs, narcotics, chemicals, or other substances.” But it also says his impairment could result from “mental or physical conditions.”

There will be a hearing at which the doctor and his lawyer can present evidence and arguments that challenge the suspension or evidence.

Those doctors facing investigation that could result in suspension have many legal options to discuss with an attorney experienced in license defense.