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NY doctor accused of importing drugs, faces $1M fine

The United States Attorney’s Office recently accused a New York doctor of importing illegal drugs. The doctor, a faculty member and clinical instructor at the University at Buffalo’s Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, specialized in treating patients who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. Officers state he imported heroin and cocaine to his private residence. They have not yet stated the believed purpose of these illegal substances.

Evidence gathered to support charges: Police search doctor’s mail

Police gathered evidence to support the criminal charges by searching the physician’s mail. Officers intercepted a package at the physician’s home. The package contained three grams of cocaine. Three weeks later, the United States Post Office notified officers of a second package addressed to the doctor’s home. The officers executed a search warrant and found heroin within the package. Days later, the post office received two additional packages addressed to the physician’s residence that also contained illegal substances.

Officers also executed a search warrant on the physician’s private residence. Officers arrested the doctor after the search was complete.

Criminal charges and penalties: Doctor could face prison time and hefty fines

If the charges are supported, the physician could face up to two decades in prison and a fine of over $1 million.

Importance of a defense: Legal strategies when doctors are accused of criminal wrongdoing

Physicians who face allegations of criminal wrongdoing have legal options. Take the matter seriously and contact an attorney to begin discussing potential legal strategies to protect your legal rights and professional reputation.