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Healthcare fraud in 2018: A sampling of major cases

The Department of Justice continued its crack down on healthcare fraud in 2018. This year included the $1 billion “Takedown Day.” On this day, police officers arrested and charged over 600 individuals for involvement in a $2 billion healthcare scheme. This is just one example of the government’s efforts to thwart healthcare fraud. Additional examples from throughout the year include:

  • Anti-Kickback violations. The Department of Justice has filed many illegal kickback charges throughout 2018. One example involves a physician who recently plead guilty to allegations he accepted over $142 million in kickbacks as part of his alleged role in a $2 billion healthcare scheme. The scheme allegedly involved kickbacks for surgical procedures and home health services. Although this physician has yet to be sentenced, judges have sentenced other members involved in the scheme to jailtime.
  • Theft. The government has also pursued allegations of theft within medical centers. Prosecutors accused a medical clinic employee of embezzling over $20,000 in refunds from 34 patients. In a separate case, prosecutors accused a former medical center administrator of stealing medical equipment like imaging systems and selling the equipment on E-bay.
  • Medicare fraud. Physicians also faced allegations of filing false Medicare claims. One example involved an internist who prosecutors claimed defrauded Medicare of over $950,000. The prosecution stated the physician filed claims with Medicare for procedures he did not complete.

This sampling is a reminder of the allegations medical professionals may need to navigate throughout their career. An attorney experienced in these claims can build a defense against the allegations and better ensure your personal and professional reputation is not tarnished by the accusations.