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TX woman accused of 2.5 million in home health care fraud

The Northern District of Texas’ Healthcare Fraud Strike Force has gathered evidence that led to the arrest of a Texas woman. The agency has accused the woman of healthcare fraud. If the government can support these accusations the woman could face a monetary fine of $250,000 and up to 10 years imprisonment.

Accusations explained: Strike Force investigation results

The government has accused the woman of a using a physician’s signature stamp to sign off on home health orders for patients. The physician who owned the stamp had allegedly never seen the patients that requested the charged services. The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) also alleges the patients did not require the services claimed by the home health care organization. Instead, the government contends these patients were able to “drive and carry out normal functions of everyday life.”

The DOJ has arrested the woman and accused her of filing over $2,500,000 in fraudulent claims. A special agent in charge of the investigation states the arrest is a warning and that the team will continue to work to bring those who commit such crimes to justice.

Arrest a small part of a larger investigation: Hundreds arrested

The agency also explained that the woman’s arrest was part of the group’s largest ever health care fraud enforcement action.” The action led to 601 arrests and accusations of over $2 billion in false billings to Medicare and other health insurance programs. The arrests include 165 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

Unless these professionals build a defense to the allegations, they could face penalties similar to those in this case.