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Texas patient sues local medical facility

Physicians, nurses and other medical professionals are not the only ones that can face allegations of wrongdoing from a patient. In some cases, the patient may extend his or her case to include the medical facility. A medical facility out of Texas is currently in the midst of such a case.

A bit of background: Patients argue nurse was negligent when providing care.

The family of a severely injured patient has accused a Texas nurse of medical negligence which contributed to the patient’s injuries. The patient was recovering from heart surgery. The patient was able to speak after the procedure, but shortly thereafter his health suddenly deteriorated and he was left paralyzed and unable to speak. Family members of the patient state that the nurse was responsible for the declining health of due to “inappropriate care interventions.”

In addition to accusations against the nurse, these patients have also filed suitagainst the hospital.

Liability for patient’s injury: When is a hospital accountable?

In this case, the family members of the patient accuse the medical facility of having knowledge of the nurse’s inappropriate level of care and failure to take action to protect the patients.

The hospital has stated that it took swift action to investigate the matter and that the nurse in question acted “of his own accord.” Health system officials stated that they conducted a review of the nurse’s work and immediately removed him from all care responsibilities.

The case is an example of the liability issues that medical facilities and physician group practices must navigate. Such accusations are not uncommon. A proactive and strong defense can reduce the risk that the allegations will survive and better ensure the integrity of the group’s professional reputation.