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TX pediatrician’s license suspended after “erratic” behavior

The Texas Medical Board recently suspended the medical license of a pediatrician out of Rockwall, Texas. There are no prior disciplinary issues on record for the 62 year-old physician. He had practiced for 14 years in Texas prior to the suspension.

What led to the suspension of the pediatrician’s license? Co-workers alerted the board and triggered the investigation. The co-workers stated they were concerned the physician’s behavior would result in injury to patients. The co-workers allege the physician did not have focus, would slur speech and would behave inappropriately with patients.

Alleged inappropriate behavior included oversharing personal information with patients and yelling “Satan!” during an appointment with patients. Inappropriate behavior with staff members was also reported. This included sexual comments, kissing an employee and slapping another on the buttocks.

Staff also reported that the physician was not presenting himself professionally, often coming into work in sweat pants and with disheveled hair.

A specific incident allegedly resulted in the injury of a 2 year-old patient. The incident occurred when the physician was playing with the child during his appointment. The doctor allegedly attempted to throw the child onto his shoulder, but missed. Instead, the child fell to the ground and hit his head and back on the exam room floor. Imaging tests were ordered and additional follow up visits were required.

What are the ramifications of these accusations? The board will review the evidence and potentially conduct an additional investigation. Once information is gathered, the board will take further action. The physician could have his license to practice medicine in Texas revoked.

These types of licensing issues are serious matters. Any physician or other medical professional facing allegations that result in the suspension of their license should seek legal counsel.