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Texas Medical Board disciplines 38 doctors

Late last month, the Texas Medical Board met and disciplined 38 doctors. The disciplinary actions included nine orders involving allegations of unprofessional conduct, six involving quality of care violations, one revocation of a license, three restrictions of licenses, three orders related to peer review and more than a dozen others.

Two Corpus Christi doctors were sanctioned by the board, including an M.D. who must now have a chaperone present whenever he examines a female patient. The order comes after the physician “inappropriately lifted a patient’s shirt and examined a patient’s breasts.”

The other action by the Board against a Corpus Christi doctor involved an M.D. who entered into an Agreed Order of Voluntary and Permanent Surrender of his license to practice medicine. The doctor’s license had been under temporary suspension following multiple incidents “in which he violated sexual boundaries through inappropriate touching, actions and comments, which were offensive and of a sexual nature.”

The only discipline involving an Austin doctor involved a determination by the board that the physician “failed to adequately document medical records at preoperative visits” and that the informed consent forms he used lacked required disclosures.

The board also revoked a Laredo doctor’s license, after finding that he “operated unlicensed pain management clinics” and that he pre-signed prescription forms and did not meet the standard of care with a number of chronic pain patients.

In some cases, the board’s actions enable a doctor to make amends for a mistake can continue caring for patients. In other situations, the board effectively ends a career.

An Austin attorney experienced in licensing defense helps protect licenses and livelihoods.