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Pediatric surgeon facing criminal charges, license suspension

About an hour south of New York City, a pediatric surgeon is facing some of the most serious accusations a doctor can encounter. The 71-year-old New Jersey surgeon is accused of improperly touching a teenage patient, according to news reports.

The doctor has had to temporarily surrender his medical license. The State Board of Medical Examiners has suspended his medical license.

The Eatontown pediatric surgeon says he is innocent of all charges.

The doctor’s attorney said the physician voluntarily agreed to a leave of absence from his position at a children’s hospital and also voluntarily agreed to the temporary suspension of his medical license.

The lawyer said t he doctor fully expects to have his license reinstated.

Shortly after the doctor was indicted back in July, his attorney pointed out that during the alleged incident, the patient had been fully clothed the entire time of the examination. He also said that both the patient’s mother and a nurse were present.

“He’s accused of inappropriately touching a 17-year-old, fully clothed woman during an examination which her mother, as well as a nurse, were present,” the attorney said, according a previous news report. “It simply makes no sense.”

After the indictment, the physician’s lawyer said the doctor “vehemently denies this allegation and we will not rest until he is exonerated.”

Medical professionals in similar situations are undoubtedly in need of counsel to represent them in all criminal justice matters. In addition, they should speak with an attorney experienced in resolving physician licensing issues and defense in related lawsuits.