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Fort Worth pharmacy owner sentenced for $60 million kickback scheme

The court has sentenced a Fort Worth pharmacy co-owner to prison and ordered he pay restitution for his involvement in a $60 million kickback scheme. The pharmacy owner worked alongside others to create and market compounded medications. These medications are customized to meet individual patient needs. However, the government was able to successfully argue that this professional’s actions went over the line.

The government claimed the co-owner paid marketers to recruit area doctors to write prescriptions for compounded medications. These medications were marketed as personalized solutions for patients’ health needs. To incentivize doctors, the pharmacy co-owner created so-called “investment opportunities.” Doctors who wrote prescriptions for the pharmacy could profit from its operations.

The government gathered evidence to establish the co-owner and his co-defendants went to great lengths to influence doctors. This included evidence they took doctors on private jets to destinations like Mexico, Las Vegas, and even a Hollywood movie premiere. These extravagant trips, the government argued, aimed to secure more prescriptions for the pharmacy.

What did the court decide during sentencing?

The legal fallout was severe:

  • Conviction: The pharmacy co-owner faced a federal jury trial in the Northern District of Texas and was convicted on multiple charges for crimes related to these allegations.
  • Co-defendants: Other individuals involved in the scheme also face criminal charges.
  • Restitution: The court recently announced the sentence, four years and four months in prison and ordered to pay nearly $60 million in restitution. This hefty penalty reflects the severity of the offense.

The case serves as a stark reminder of the harsh consequences that can come from allegations of healthcare fraud such as these. It is important that those who find themselves under investigation for similar crimes take the matter seriously.

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