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Nurses: Will your license pass the verification process?

Private practices and large health care organizations need to verify a nurse’s license before moving forward with a new hire. This license provides verification that a state licensing board has approved the professional to practice in their chosen field within the state.

How do organizations verify a nurse’s license?

There are various ways to gather this information. Two examples that are of use to those in Texas include:

It is important for nurses to note that these methods can result in information about disciplinary actions in other states as well as here in Texas. This serves as a reminder to take any allegations of misconduct seriously.

How do I make sure my license can pass a search?

Do not agree to the allegations and plan to move on as the claims can follow you no matter where you choose to practice. There are ways to fight back and defeat false allegations of misconduct and protect the integrity of your license. These can include building a defense to the allegations to present to the board or filing an appeal if you disagree with the board’s findings.

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