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Burnout update: 3 ways nurses can reduce stress during the holidays

Study after study has shown that medical professionals are facing serious burnout. The risk was already high but skyrocketed after the onset of the pandemic.

This is a national problem that has directly impacted the nursing profession in Texas. The Texas Department of State Health Service’s Center for Nursing Workforce Studies’ most recent data shows that although the state has a need for 251,367 registered nurses there are only 223,581 to fill these roles. If numbers continue as they have, the group estimates this number to increase to only 291,872 nurses to fill 348,883 spots in the next 10 years.

There is no doubt Texas communities need those who serve in these important roles. Serving in this role is taxing, but there are steps that can help to reduce the risk of burnout. When it comes to the holiday season, some of the top tips can include:

  • Do not underestimate the power of boundaries. Although often ideal to have a work/life balance, there are times when the two meld into one. This is not always a bad thing as long as you know which boundaries are not negotiable when it comes to your mental health. For some this may mean not taking on extra shifts, for others it is declining to make desserts for a gathering. Know your limits and stick to them.
  • Growth is empowering. Those who enter the medical profession do so to make a difference in their communities. Taking a moment to finish those continuing education courses is more than just a necessity, it can help to remind you of why you entered the profession.
  • Make time to refuel. Although a trendy catch phrase, the importance of self-care cannot be understated. Whether it is a massage, trip to see family, or even a nap —find what fuels you and make time to fill your cup.

Those who do not take time to address potential burnout could find themselves making a mistake that has a negative impact on their profession. Take control of the situation to help better ensure this does not happen. Those who find themselves attempting to navigate such a mistake are wise to delegate the process to legal counsel experienced in this niche area of law to help better ensure their nursing license is not at risk.

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