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TX BON & disciplinary actions in 2022: FAQ

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) works to protect and promote the welfare of Texans by working to ensure anyone who holds a nursing license is competent and able to practice in their profession safely.

When does the TX BON investigate a nurse?

Patients, co-workers, and others can file a complaint with the TX BON about a nurse. The process is relatively easy and open to the public. It involves opening the TX BON’s website and filling out the form. The identity of the reporting individual remains anonymous — the nurse will generally never get an official confirmation of who filed the complaint.

Based on the information provided, the BON may choose to move forward with an investigation. Depending on the evidence gathered during the investigation, they could move forward with disciplinary action against the nurse.

How common is it for the BON to move forward with disciplinary measures?

Fairly common. This year alone the TX BON has disciplined over 50 nurses throughout the state as of the writing of this piece.

What types of disciplinary actions does the BON use?

The BON has serious power over nurse’s licenses in the state of Texas. Disciplinary actions for nurses this year have ranged from reprimands with a fine to revocation of the individual’s nursing license.

What should I do if I am under review by the TX BON?

Take the matter seriously. The biggest and most costly mistake is to ignore the situation. Know that you can fight back. You do not have to go up against the BON on your own. You can hire legal counsel to advocate for your interests and better ensure a more favorable outcome.

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