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Police arrest nurse and owner of TX hospice centers for falsifying forms

Officers recently called on families who had patients at certain hospice centers to reach out if had suspicions about a loved one’s death, especially if that loved one was a resident at Peaceful Touch Hospice and Palliative Care in Plano. The request comes after police investigated the center and found what they believe to be a falsified do not resuscitate (DNR) form.

Based on this finding, police have voiced concerns these facilities may not have honored their patients’ requests concerning DNR measures.

What does this mean for the nurse and owner of the centers?

Police arrested the nurse after they found this evidence and accused her of falsifying the form. She faces charges of tampering with physical evidence. She is now out on bond.

The allegations will also likely trigger an additional investigation by the Texas Board of Nursing and could put the medical professional’s nursing license at risk.

How should the nurse and others in similar situations respond to these types of allegations?

It is often wise to take a two-pronged approach. One, to address the allegations of criminal wrongdoing and another to help prepare a response to a Board of Nursing investigation. The Texas Board of Nursing has the power to deny or take other disciplinary action including suspension or revocation of a nursing license when the nurse has a conviction for a felony directly related to the practice of nursing or a misdemeanor that involves moral turpitude and is directly related to the practice of nursing.

In this case, allegations of tampering with physical evidence qualifies as a crime that is directly related to the practice of nursing.

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