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Experts predict a surge in home healthcare services in next five years

The pandemic shifted many things in our life. We became more comfortable using technology to have video calls and meetings with friends and loved ones, we shifted many of our offices to a remote style of work for at least a portion of the pandemic and even learned how to teach our kids virtually.

Although we are moving away from many of these changes, there are some that could become permanent. Some of our workforce may never return to an in-office setting. Some courses may continue to provide on-line options. Although these are relatively minor changes one area of our lives that may experience the greatest changes is how we provide and receive healthcare.

Our needs have changed

We already knew, pre-pandemic, that our country had an aging population. The baby boomers are entering their sunset years. These well-earned retirement years can also mean an increased reliance on certain healthcare needs, and we were already calling for an increase in nursing staff to help accommodate these needs.

Our technology has expanded

Although an always evolving part of our lives, the expansion of technology is one the pandemic forced us to become more comfortable embracing. This forced situation has translated to new skills navigating virtual and remote options, increasing the ability of those who need healthcare services to stay at home for some appointments and seek home care options for others.

Data supports the likelihood of a shift to home health services

A survey of physicians provided data that fueled these estimates. Based on this data, the cost of services provided through home health care services will likely increase by 25% by 2025.

More providers are needed to meet this demand

Those who are interested in making a difference in their communities and helping to fill this need could find investments in home health services beneficial both for their community’s needs as well as their own financial aspirations. Whether looking to start your own home health business or fund another’s endeavor, it is a good idea to bring in counsel to help navigate the licensure or certification side of the process.

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