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3 tips for quality telehealth services

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a boom in telehealth services. Patients can log online for everything from an initial consult to ongoing care appointments. But how long will it last? The use of telehealth services can offer an alternative to in-person care long after stay-at-home and shelter in place orders are lifted. But, like anything in healthcare, it is important for medical professionals to establish that these services lead to quality care for patients.

How can medical professionals better ensure telehealth services provide quality care for patients?

These tips can help:

  • Have a strong staff. Care is only as good as the staff you have on your team. Make sure to have a staff that can offer the care you provide. This can include board certification for medical professionals as well as well-trained support staff.
  • Build a relationship with technology. Good software is one thing but having the tech support that is needed to better ensure hiccups are quickly ironed out and do not impact the patient experience is key to a solid, sustainable telehealth business.
  • Prepare to evolve. Doctors need to take CMEs as well as continued training on the tech that fuels their practice. Support staff should also be familiar with any changes in technology that impact the group.

The pandemic has forced the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to cover telehealth services at a larger level than initially planned. By making sure the experience results in quality care, medical professionals can better ensure this coverage continues long after the coronavirus is under better control.