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3 takeaways from survey of nurses about current challenges

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) recently conducted a survey to delve into current challenges faced by those within the profession throughout the country. The organization conducted the survey from May 8th through May 17th, 2020. The survey gathered information about these challenges with a focus on the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on the nurse practitioner (NPs) practice. According to the organization, almost 5,000 NPs participated.

Although AANP gathered a large amount of data from the survey, 3 key takeaways include:

  1. Broad impact. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted more than just the medical staff who work within the emergency department. Based on results from the survey, nurses in every specialty are coming into contact with COVID-19 positive patients.
  2. Current level of support is not sufficient. Although NPs acknowledge support has improved compared to the early months of the pandemic, survey participants report there is still a need for additional access to testing and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  3. Many NPs are high risk. The results of the survey also indicated that a large percentage of NPs were themselves high risk for the virus. Over one-third (39%) of respondents stated that they are considered high risk either due to pre-existing conditions or advanced age.

These findings outline the risks NPs and others within the nursing profession are taking to help provide quality care to their patients. Unfortunately, hospital administration and even peers within the profession may not support those who voice frustration and push for change. Others may counter efforts to better the field with accusations of wrongdoing. Those who find themselves the subject of such accusations have options. An attorney experienced in the niche area of nurse licensing can advocate for your interests and can fight on your behalf against these accusations.