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TMB suspends respiratory care permit

Getting a permit to practice respiratory care in Texas is not an easy task. Those who are interested in this profession must go through training as well as a two-part application process.

What is the application process?

The state requires an applicant provide various documents including a transcript of completion of a certified program, copy of a birth certificate or passport, fingerprint report for a criminal background check and completion of various forms. If the applicant is part of an active practice, the Texas Medical Board (TMB) also requires the applicant work at least 20 hours a week for the last forty weeks of the year. If the applicant has been out of practice and wishes to return to the profession, the TMB may also require completion of continuing education courses, a period of supervised practice and an appearance before the licensure committee.

The state also requires applicants to pass the Jurisprudence exam.

What happens if a respiratory care provider makes a mistake?

A mistake can result in an investigation by the TMB. In a recent example, the TMB investigated a respiratory care practitioner after receiving complaints. Upon review of the evidence gathered through the investigation, the board decided the practitioner was practicing in such a way that put the public health at risk. As a result, the board immediately suspended the practitioner’s respiratory care practitioner permit.

What type of evidence can lead to a suspension?

In this case, the respiratory care provider was found to have tested positive for prohibited substances and missed multiple drug testing check-ins.

What options are available if accused of wrongdoing?

Those who practice in this field and find themselves the subject of an investigation are wise to take the matter seriously. An attorney experienced in health care law matters like these can review the situation and provide guidance.