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2 lessons after man acquitted of health care fraud charges

The prosecution’s case against Dr. Jorge Zamora-Quezada continues to provide learning opportunities for medical professionals throughout the country. In the most recent development, the government agreed to the acquittal of one of Dr. Zamora-Quezada’s employees.

A step back: An explanation of the case

In 2018, the United States government moved forward with a criminal case against Dr. Zamora-Quezada. The doctor specialized in rheumatology and had opened an arthritis and osteoporosis clinic. The government has accused the physician and his wife of various health care fraud crimes including conspiracy to commit money laundering and obstruction of justice.

During its investigation, the government decided to build its case to include anyone connected with the allegations, not just the primary perpetrator. As a result, the prosecution was able to move forward with charges against a number of employees.

Narrowing in: A focus on one employee

Felix Ramos was one such employee. The government accused Mr. Ramos of helping with the scheme and charged him with conspiracy to commit money laundering. Upon further examination, it became clear the government did not have the evidence they needed to support this charge.

As a result, the prosecution acquitted Mr. Ramos.

Lessons learned: Tips for others facing similar charges

Others facing health care fraud charges can learn the following from this case:

  • Allegations are serious. Those who receive notification of an investigation into health care fraud charges are wise to take the matter seriously. The government cracks down on these accusations and will move forward if it can find evidence to support the claims.
  • Defenses are available. In this case, the defense team focused on a lack of evidence to support an acquittal. Other options are available.

Determining the best course of action depends on the details of the situation. An attorney experienced in health care law can review the allegations and discuss your options.