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Will tech innovations help address nursing shortage in TX?

Texas and states throughout the country are in the midst of a nursing shortage. The problem is so serious, that the dean of the Texas A&M College of Nursing recently testified before a U.S. committee. The testimony included a discussion on innovations within academic nursing. Hospitals throughout the state are struggling to find nurses to provide quality care to patients. According to this educational leader, one potential answer to this shortage is increased reliance on technological innovations.

Tech advances and training

Technological advances may help address the nursing shortage. It is no surprise that immersive learning experiences allow those training to become nurses to go through experiences they will encounter within the patient care setting. This is a necessary component of a prospective nurse’s training experience. In many cases, these experiences include encounters with patients. Technological advances allow other, less dangerous, opportunities to experience these encounters without putting a patient at risk.

One example: the use of high-fidelity mannequins. These mannequins are more than the dummies used in CPR course. They are much more realistic. They bleed. They have a simulated heartbeat. They allow a nurse in training to master her skill set before working on an actual patient.

Another obstacle involves the shortage of nurse educators. Use of tech advances to help guide these students through their studies can help address this issue. Innovations allow schools to teach a greater number of nurses with a smaller staff.

Getting, and keeping, a nursing license

Those who complete their training and receive their nursing license will generally need to keep their license active to continue in their profession. Allegations of misconduct or other wrongdoing can threaten their nursing license. In these situations, it is wise to seek legal counsel to better ensure the license the nurse worked so hard to earn is protected.