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Report finds NY region ranks 3rd in nation for RN compensation

A new report by Medscape finds nurses in the Mid-Atlantic region ranked third for compensation rates in the country. The region includes New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Washington D.C. The report found the average RN income in this area in 2018 was $84,000.

The researchers with the study report the East South-Central area including Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee along with the West North Central area including North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri were the lowest paid at $70,000 and $73,000 annually, respectively.

How did the researchers come up with this information?

The report involved a survey of Medscape United States nurse members. Over 7,000 nurses provided data for the report. Registered nurse (RN), licensed practice nurses (LPNs) and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) provided data with a 10 to 15-minute survey that focused on annual earnings. The earnings noted above are for RNs specifically. LPNs ratings were similar, with those in the Mid-Atlantic region ranking fourth in the country with an average of $51,000 annual income.

Additional findings of interest include:

  • Where do nurses work? 50% of full-time RNs work in acute-care facilities. Full-time LPNs tend to work in skilled nursing care facilities, private medical offices, hospital affiliated outpatient settings or at home health care facilities.
  • How much do nurses make? Of those who get paid hourly as opposed to salaried, full-time RN’s average $38/hour, $23/hour for part-time. LPN’s make $23/hour in both full-time and part-time markets.
  • Is there a benefit to specialty certifications? The report also found 40% of nurses with a special certification experienced financial rewards such as higher rate of pay or a bonus.

It is important to note that the report is based on averages. Nurses may experience a different base pay depending on any number of factors. Nurses may also find their pay threatened by allegations of poor-quality care or other accusations. Those who are notified of an investigation by a licensing board have options. An attorney experienced in dealing with the New York Board of Nursing can help.