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Texas hospital sued by Ohio bridal shop for negligence

The title may seem like a misprint, but it is accurate. A local Texas hospital is the subject of a lawsuit filed by a bridal shop out of Ohio. The highest court in Texas will review the case in November.

Interesting progression: Who filed the lawsuit?

The case deals with an issue from 2014. The issue involves the first confirmed Ebola case in the United States. A local Texas hospital provided treatment. During treatment, two nurses contracted the virus. 

The case was not filed by the nurses, but instead by bridal shop in Ohio. One of the nurses visited the shop after she was exposed to the virus but before she was diagnosed. The shop owners claim the nurse’s visit permanently injured the shop’s reputation and led to its closure. It states people in the community were afraid to visit the shop for fear of contracting Ebola.

Discussion of damages: What type of remedy are the plaintiffs seeking?

The shop owners claim the exposure was the result of the hospital’s negligence. As a result, the owners state the nurses contracted the virus which led to the shop’s exposure. This failure ultimately led to the closure of the shop.

Upon closure, the shop owners filed suit against the hospital seeking compensation to make up for their lost income and the closure of their shop.

The case provides an interesting example of the far-reaching consequences of a failure to follow accepted standard of care within hospitals. We will provide an update on the progression of this case as it becomes available.