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TX man skips trial, accepts plea deal in health care fraud case

A Texas man accused of health care fraud chose to skip a jury trial and accept a plea deal offered by the prosecution. The state accused the man of falsely submitting claims to Medicare and Medicaid under his father’s name.

What happened in this Texas case? The case is complex. It involves allegations of a son hiring another doctor to take on his father’s practice after his father began to suffer from dementia.

According to the prosecution, the father was unable to practice medicine due to dementia and other diseases. The son allegedly attempted to keep the practice going by hiring another physician. The physician he hired was allegedly under court order not to treat patients. In order to continue the practice, this physician allegedly agreed to treat patients using the father’s name.

Instead of pursuing a trial, the son agreed to take a plea deal offered by the prosecution. The details of the deal are not yet known.

Why not go to trial? In some cases, the plea deal may be a better option. The defense may have concerns the evidence will not go over well with a jury or the prosecution may be willing to drop other charges. This can save the accused the time and cost that comes with a court trial.

The decision is not one to make lightly. Anyone that faces allegations of health care fraud should carefully consider all options.

It is important that those facing accusations of wrongdoing abstain from simply accepting a plea deal thinking it may be the easier solution. If successful, a trial could result in vindication. Contact an attorney experienced in health care law cases to discuss your options.