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Nurse accused of health care fraud loses nursing license

A government investigation recently led to allegations a nursing assistant was involved in a multi-year scheme to defraud Medicare and Medicaid. The investigation resulted in enough evidence to support criminal charges.

Based on this evidence, the woman agreed to a plea deal with the prosecution. Shortly after accepting the plea deal, the state Department of Health placed an emergency suspension on the accused’s certified nursing assistant license.

What were the government’s accusations? The facts that go along with the plea deal state the woman was part of a health care fraud scheme spanning over 5 years. The scheme allegedly involved the nursing assistant working with other medical professionals, providing illegal kickbacks in exchange for the recommendation of patients that received Medicare or Medicaid benefits.

The woman and others involved in the healthcare fraud scheme then allegedly provided these individuals with home health care services that were medically unnecessary. In some cases, the government states the accused charged Medicare or Medicaid for services that were never provided.

How much does the prosecution claim the government lost as a result of the scheme? The government claims this scheme netted over $350,000 in payments from Medicaid as well as an additional $7 million from Medicare.

What were the details of the plea deal? In addition to admission of the facts noted above, the nursing assistant will serve approximately three years imprisonment and has permanently lost her nursing license.

This case serves as an example for those facing similar charges. Nurses are wise to take charges of healthcare fraud seriously. Contact an attorney to start building a defense.