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4 things that could cause you to lose your nursing license

You attended college for many years, took out loans and now you have entered your dream field of nursing. The problem is, the rules and regulations might appear overwhelming. The New York licensing board suspends and revokes nursing licenses every day.

Keeping your nursing license may seem simple; however, there are some instances where you may get caught up in something that will cause you to lose it. Check out four examples of things that will cause the board to take your nursing license.

1. Abusing or neglecting patients

A sure fire way to get your license taken is doing wrong by patients. Abuse is not only physical. It can come in the form of mental abuse. For example, giving patients incorrect information may land you in hot water. Ignoring patient needs and issues also may have you brought up on charges before the board.

2. Lying on medical charts

If you failed to do something for a patient, going back to correct the mistake in the chart is a bad idea. While it is normal for humans to make mistakes from time to time, charting is not where to fix it. Lying on a patient chart is a terminable offense for a nurse.

3. Stealing prescription meds

Drug abuse is still on the rise with no end in sight. Prescription pills have risen to the top of the most-wanted drugs in the country. Deciding to take a few here and there may not only cost you your license, but it may also get you arrested. Whether you sell the medication, give it away or keep it for personal use, it is illegal.

4. Failing to complete addiction treatment

You may have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Nurses have a demanding job, and addiction is on the rise. Not finishing an addiction treatment program is yet another reason you may face license revocation. You may already have gone through suspension with the drug treatment as protocol.

Your nursing license is integral to your life. It provides you with the way you make money, keeps a roof over your head and feeds your family. While mistakes happen, how you handle them will often determine if you get to keep your license or not.