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NY doctor accused of incompetence leading to death of patients

New York’s Health Department has accused the former president of an oncology group in the state with gross negligence and incompetence. According to the agency, these failures injured many patients and ultimately led to the death of six patients.

Administrative hearing and potential penalties

The physician served as the president for an oncology group for the last twelve years. During this time the group expanded to cover much of the state. At some point during his tenure, the Health Department claims the physician began providing unnecessary radiation therapy, failed to properly adjust dosages or discuss alternative treatment methods and otherwise deviated from accepted standards of care within his field of specialty. As a result, he is required to attend an administrative hearing.

During this hearing, the physician could lose his medical license.

Physician also faces allegations of medical malpractice and Medicare fraud

This is just one concern for the accused. In addition to the administrative hearing, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also raided the medical facility’s offices. This led to the confiscation of various documents to support allegations of Medicare fraud. The physician must battle the allegations from two different sources:

  • Patient lawsuits. Several patients have filed medical malpractice lawsuits against this physician, based on allegations that follow those used in the administrative charges outlined above.
  • Whistleblower lawsuit. An additional civil lawsuit was initiated in 2016, stating the practice was over-billing Medicare and preforming medically unnecessary procedures.

Complex cases like this require experienced legal counsel. Any medical professional facing similar allegations is wise to take the complexity of the issue seriously and seek the assistance of a lawyer. An attorney experienced in licensing matters, FBI investigations and accusations of Medicare fraud can build a defense to better ensure your legal rights are protected.