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NY nursing provider pays $1.65M to settle whistleblower claim

The New York state and federal government recently conducted an investigation into the operations of a local skilled nursing provider. The center under investigation provides long-term care services to patients in the community. These services can include adult day health care and skilled nursing visits to patients’ homes.

Even in the midst of the investigation, the organization continued to focus on the health and care of their patients. A spokesperson for the organization stated that the “company’s overall goal is to provide members and all those involved in their care with the guidance and health plan choices they need for healthy living.” Even during this difficult time the organization continued its focus on the provision of quality, coordinated care for the “vulnerable members of our community.”

Why was the organization under investigation? This focus was recently challenged by a whistleblower within the organization. This individual stated the organization was falsely billing the government for services patients never received.

How did the nursing care facility deal with the allegations? Ultimately, the organization agreed to settle the claims. The organization will pay the government $1.65 million.

The whistleblower that started the investigation will receive a portion of these funds.

What does this mean for other nursing care facilities in New York? This case provides an example of the need to take a government investigation into services provided by your organization seriously.

The investigation can disrupt the ability to care for patients and lead to serious penalties. You can take steps to mitigate these negative effects — contact an attorney to advocate for your organization’s interests.