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Two charged with health care fraud at mental health facility

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) recently charged two individuals who worked with a mental health company with health care fraud and tax evasion. The DOJ has accused the two of diverting millions from the mental health agency into business bank accounts. The government alleges the individuals used the funds in these bank accounts to cover various personal expenses.

Government explains the charges — alleges false claims and stolen Medicaid numbers

One of the accused individuals was the owner of the mental health facility. The government has accused this woman of submitting “thousands of false claims to Medicaid.” These false claims translated to Medicaid providing the facility over $4 million in benefit payments.

The second accused individual managed an oral surgery practice. This individual allegedly provided the mental health facility owner with Medicaid numbers from patients that visited her employer. The government has accused the mental health facility owner of using these numbers to file additional false claims for Medicaid benefit payments.

Accused choose to deal with government instead of fighting charges

Instead of building a defense to these allegations, the individuals chose to take a plea deal. This deal could result in up to ten years imprisonment for the health care fraud charge. The government could also impose an additional five-year prison sentence for the allegations of tax evasion. The sentence will likely also include required monetary penalties, restitution payments and a supervised period after release.

It is important for those accused of similar crimes to carefully review all options before accepting such a deal. An attorney experienced in health care law matters of this nature can help.