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Family diagnostic lab business guilty of health fraud

The government recently convicted two brothers of conspiracy to bribe doctors and money laundering crimes. The prosecution stated the brothers used a lab designed to provide medical tests for physicians to commit a complicated scheme. The brothers would provide physicians with kickbacks in the form of cash in exchange for the physicians sending blood samples to their labs for testing. The brothers also admitted to providing fancy meals and private jet trips to the large majority of physicians that used their lab for services.

The United States Attorney’s Office estimated the brothers’ operation led to over $100 million in revenue for their company. The brothers’ cooperated with the investigation and expressed remorse during the trial. The judge presiding over the case stated the cooperation was “timely, significant and useful.” However, the allegations were severe. As such, the cooperation, though helpful, did not minimize the crimes.

The judge sentenced one brother to a six-year prison term and the other to just under three years.

The brothers are not the only ones to face prison time as a result of this scheme. The Department of Justice also prosecuted a physician who received almost $2 million in paybacks from the brothers. The court forced the physician to forfeit over $1.8 million, pay a fine of $6,250 and serve a prison sentence of 63 months.

The prosecution of these individuals was the result of an investigation that involved the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) along with its law enforcement partners. The government continues to investigate allegations of illegal payback schemes. Even those without the knowledge of a violation can find themselves in the midst of an investigation. Those who are investigated are wise to take action. An attorney can help build a defense to any allegations that may result from the investigation.