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New York medical transportation company charged with fraud

New York is cracking down on medical transport fraud throughout the state. The Inspector General has stated that the medical transportation industry in the state is “plagued with corruption,” and that law enforcement is working to send “a clear message that those who abuse Medicaid and workers compensation systems for illicit gains will be relentlessly pursued and prosecuted.”

The agency highlighted this focus recently after an ongoing investigative effort led to the arrest of 12.

NY enforcement efforts result in arrest of 12 in connection to allegations of medical transportation fraud

State and federal authorities conducted a two-year investigation of a medical transportation company accused of health care fraud. The investigation led to the arrest of 12 individuals that work in the medical transportation industry. These 12 men are affiliated with 10 taxi-cab companies.

The New York Inspector General has stated the allegations involve a conspiracy to provide transportation for those who need medical care. The state claims the companies bribed Medicaid patients and billed Medicaid for trips that never occurred. The government has accused these individuals of various crimes including conspiracy to commit health care fraud, grand larceny and falsifying business records.

The New York Health Department claims to have paid these companies over $7 million in fraudulent costs over a two-year time period.

Individuals facing allegations of medical transportation fraud must work to maintain innocence

Those charged with crimes in connection to these allegations have pleaded not guilty. They must now work to build a defense to the allegations before the trial to preserve their innocence.