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Will you meet the requirements for a home health care agency?

If you are planning to open a home health care agency in the state of Texas, you will first have to meet the licensing requirements.

The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services will want to know all about your background, your plans for the agency, your personnel and more.

What to expect

In order to become a licensed home health care agency, you must complete what the state refers to as pre-survey computer-based training and complete the license application. As the owner of the company, you must also fill out Form 2022, which constitutes a Licensure Criminal History Check. Next, you must provide the organizational structure of your agency and submit resumes for yourself and supervising nurses. You must also submit continuing education certificates for the administrators. In addition, you must be certified for Medicare programs so as to provide services to people who are eligible.

Ongoing plans

DADS also wants to see what plans you have for providing ongoing training and education opportunities for personnel, as well as your strategy for transferring client care in the event your agency cannot continue to provide this kind of help.

Encountering problems

Once you have received your license and your agency is operational, DADS will conduct onsite surveys to ensure that you comply with state and federal regulations. All surveys are unannounced, and if the surveyors find any issues, there will be follow-ups to judge whether you have corrected the problems. If the issues still exist, your agency may be subject to penalties that might include monetary sanctions or actions against your license.

Seeking licensing help

The licensing process can be complicated. When you are starting your own agency, you would be wise to seek the help of an experienced attorney who is well acquainted with the laws and the regulations you must follow. If any compliance issues develop, your attorney can guide you in correcting those deficiencies so that you can continue serving your clients and maintain your good standing in the home health care field.